The Mission of Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is.....

To provide information and social services to the DFW Airport community and surrounding

The Mission of TRAVELERS AID Dallas/Fort Worth is achieved by:

Providing assistance to families and individuals in crisis or transition,
Providing assistance to families and individuals who are separated from their normal
support systems,
Increasing the client’s access to resources,
Increasing the client’s self sufficiency.
About Us
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency located at Dallas/Fort Worth
International Airport.  Formed by representatives of the community, United Way, and the
Community Council, the agency opened in 1974 as Community Services: DFW Regional
Airport, when the new airport began operations.  Initially started to assist stranded travelers
and provide information, the agency added services over the years to help not only travelers at
the airport, but also residents in the surrounding communities who were facing a travel related

Shortly after changing its name to the Airport Assistance Center in the early 1980's, the agency
began the first volunteer information program at DFW International Airport.  The agency added
translation services in response to increasing numbers of international travelers, and entered
into a contract with the Texas Youth Commission to escort juvenile runaways being
transferred through the airport.   The agency provided support for military personnel travelling
through the airport, and provided meet and assist protective escort services.  

Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, the agency provided free food, drinks and toiletries to those
stranded at the airport in addition to helping locate lodging and ground transportation.  In
2002, the name of the agency was changed to Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth.  The agency
began operating the airport's Lost and Found in 2003, and  opened its first formal satellite
office in 2005 in the new international terminal D.  Later that summer, Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort
Worth was heavily involved in assisting evacuees from hurricanes Katrina and Rita that were
evacuated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   The agency is proud to work in partnership with
other social service agencies in the DFW area in assisting clients.

Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is proud of its history of assistance to the DFW International
Airport community and surrounding communities, and looks forward to being the helping hand
along the way!

Terminal B (main office):
Located  in the B-30 Baggage Claim area
Phone:  972-574-4420     (4-4420 from an airport courtesy phone)
FAX:   972-574-0545
TDD:   972-574-5555

Terminal D:
Located in the D-15 Baggage Claim area.
Phone:  972-973-5050    (3-5050 from an airport courtesy phone)
FAX:   972-973-5051

Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center (ITC):
1001 Jones St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Phone:  817-820-0385
FAX:  817-820-0386

Airport Offices:
Monday - Friday:  8 am - 6 pm
Saturday - Sunday:  9 am - 5 pm

Intermodal Transportation Center Office:
Monday - Saturday:  9 am - 3 pm
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The board is
made up of leaders from the airport community and surrounding communities.  Current
board members and officers are as follows:

Walter Furnace
American Airlines Federal Credit Union
John Peritore
Enterprise Holdings
Vice President of Programs:
Jonathan Chaplowe
Hyatt Regency DFW
Vice President of Development:
Valerie Riefenstahl
The Alternative Board
Vice President of Board Development:
Paulette Wagner
Prime the Pump Consulting
Immediate Past President:
John Brancato

Berta Banta;  Mercado Gifts
Chef Tina Buice; Community Volunteer
Dorothy Clifford;   American Airlines
Mike Durocher;   Prospect Airport Services
Robert Hightower, DFW International Airport
Haley Puente;   Puente - Brancato Enterprises
Kathy Rodriguez; Southwest Concessions
Brenda Sexton Sanders;  Community Volunteer
Todd Stinson; Community Volunteer
Byford Treanor;  DFW International Airport

Executive Director:
Bruce N. Freeman
Director of Finance and Administration:
David Bell
Director of Client Intervention:
Doddie Kinney
Director of Volunteers:
Tammy Hingtgen, CTA
Kimberly Berg
Bobby Johnson
JoAnn Markham
Megan McLean
Marilyn Reid
Barry Roark
Kathi Roark